Tips For Early Sobriety


#sobersunday I’m taking it back to early recovery. Recalling what helped in my past is a fantastic way to reevaluate my present recovery path. Four years later, it’s nice to ponder “should I be doing more?” The answer is almost always, yes. So, whether you’re new or old..let’s share what works. After all, it works […]

February 4, 2018

Lady Lumps Pt.2

parenting, sobriety

A few posts back, I mentioned the odd lumps I had discovered in my left breast. These lumps had prompted me to reflect on my life, even though I wasn’t worried that it was over. Turns out, they were tumors. When one hears “tumors in your breast”, one most likely begins to freak out. Although, […]

January 31, 2018

I’m Not Finished Yet


Uncertainty is hitting me hard. Trying to remember, “I didn’t come this far to only come this far.” It’s been a long week..overwhelming.. maybe not life itself, but my mind itself. My self-doubt is here to play. #sobersunday is the simple reminder; Don’t stop.  Put one foot in front of the other, you aren’t finished yet. […]

January 21, 2018

Sober Sunday; Gratitude.

parenting, sobriety

My sober Sunday is simple this week. Gratitude. Two weeks into 2018 and again, time is simply flying. There are so many Life Projects and Mommy Tasks that I focus on, opposed to recovery related to-dos. My boys, my husband, my house  & my family; all wonderful things that take up my time, but all […]

January 16, 2018

Where Do You See Yourself?


So, I’ve been reflecting on my life a bit lately. Isn’t that what the New Year is all about? What did I accomplish, what do I intend to tackle? This particular time of reflection led me to contemplate the woman I was 1523 days ago and how my life has transformed. Where it went as […]

January 7, 2018

Lady Lumps With Bumps

parenting, sobriety

I found a lump in my left breast. I’m not worried, but it is a lump. My adorably worrisome husband is very concerned. I get it though; one time he pretended to be asleep on the couch, I thought him to be dead and began sobbing in the middle of our living room. I get […]

January 2, 2018