Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, I love that anyone is here ❤ I didn’t plan on starting a blog, it kind of just  happened. Late 2017 I faced my self-doubt and was blessed with an opportunity to be a regular contributor to the incredible site, Sober Mommies. I began this blog as a way to stay connected while practicing my writing.  You can find my Sober Mommies posts right here.


A bit about me:
My name is Melissa, I am an alcoholic. I’ve been on my recovery path since 11.6.13. I’m a student and a stay at home mom to my two boys; 3-year-old Watson and our newborn Emerson. I’m married to a handsome sober fella and we live pretty blessed sober lives in San Diego.

You can read my whole story here.

I adore yoga, cold brew and horror. I enjoy hiking and The Office.


I’m no stranger to pain, self-doubt, and fear both in and out of my addiction. However, these experiences have taught me how to fight, how to love and how to pursue a passionate life. I understand the struggles of being a mommy without wine, nevertheless I chose to chase the solution, to be kind and to believe in something greater than myself… whatever that may look like <3

Thanks for letting me share. Xox

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