In sobriety I have found mind-blowing happiness through lessons and strength I never dared to explore. Living sober can be daunting and uncomfortable, parenting is full of uncertainty and guilt, mix that with mental health battles, and it’s a surprise I simply survive; however, these experiences have taught me how to fight, how to love and how to believe in myself (even when I don’t know it).

Everyday I do more than survive, I live. All I want now, is to share my stories with others, in hopes someone will find comfort in the knowing they are not alone.

If you’ve fell self-doubt, self-loathing and gut wrenching heartache, know that I believe in you. Life can be beautiful, if only you keep fighting. xox

My name is Melissa, I am a recovering alcoholic and have been sober since 11.6.13. I live in San Diego, I’m married recovering addict, I work in the substance about field, and I make a really great boy mom (poop & boogers!)