Sober Sunday; Gratitude.

parenting, sobriety / Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

My sober Sunday is simple this week.

Two weeks into 2018 and again, time is simply flying. There are so many Life Projects and Mommy Tasks that I focus on, opposed to recovery related to-dos. My boys, my husband, my house  & my family; all wonderful things that take up my time, but all gifts that I will quickly lose if I keep my recovery on the back burner.

When I step back and recognize what it is I’m doing, I am able to reevaluate and game plan. The best way to re-center my Sobriety is to simply take it back to basics. Go to meetings, reach out, make time for fitness and find that Gratitude I know I desperately need to focus on. I have a habit of writing down one thing I’m grateful for daily, just a quick note in my planner. However, that is not enough. That is skating by and in turn, I begin taking things for granted. Furthermore, I’m left missing the bigger picture and living in my own will; which never has a positive outcome.

So, let’s stop. Let’s listen. Let’s focus.
Here is my first thorough gratitude list of 2018. Thank you Universe, I hear you.


  • My online sober community. They bring me inspiration; from their shared struggles to their accomplishments, I am inspired.
  • Sober Mommies Community.  Especially the eight other women in the writers’ group, who encourage and teach me.
  • My husband and our honest convos. Having someone I trust who truly listens to my concepts and opinions, is essential for feeling that I matter. I’m really thankful that he’s mine.
  • My brother. He’s the perfect neighbor Uncle, and I know he loves me.
  • Em starting solids. I can see the light at the end of the breastfeeding tunnel!
  • My Cool Girls group chat. They know who they are. They keep me connected and loved. I never feel too lonely knowing they’re there.
  • My dad and his friendship with Watson. All Watts wants to do is play with his Papa, and my dad readily agrees. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve witnessed since becoming a mom.
  • My Cousin Diane joining the Mommy Club. I hope it’s all she ever dreamed of.
  • My Pépère and our chats.
  • My best friend and the record player she gave me for Christmas, there’s nothing better.
  • My mom and my new understanding. I love my mom, in an indescribable way. It is a rather new realization of mine; just how much and in what ways I appreciate her. I am in awe of her heart and strength. I now realize how much time I’ve wasted taking her for granted and I don’t want to waste another day. (If we only knew then what we know now) #motherknowsbest
  • The incredible family I married into. &I mean this! It sounds cliche or it sounds like I’m kissing ass, nonetheless, I love each and every one of them. I truly feel like I belong.
  • All of the supportive people I am fortunate enough to have on my side. I receive encouragement from the bottom of many hearts, and from the bottom of mine, I am grateful.


  • My car.
  • Our house.  I spent the first three and a half years of sobriety finding my ‘style’. Now that I finally have, I truly feel like we’re creating a home. A comfy home, a welcoming home…A home that is ours.
  • The Office.
  • My bullet journal/planner. It brings me joy while simultaneously making me feel like I somewhat have my shit together.
  • Our bed. There’s no place comfier.
  • My new tablet. A fabulous gift from my husband & a perfect way to continue my online journey in 2018. From blogging to school, it helps me feel successful.


  • My access to healthcare & the kind doctors I’ve somehow been blessed with.
  • Yoga.
  • My new found attitude of, “maybe I can do this”. I’ve never truly believed in myself… Right now, I think I just may. And it’s quite a neat feeling.
  • Living next door to my parents! Who’d have thunk?!


Thanks for letting me share xox